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Why I can't retire.

No.984 Panel Plane.

When I announced my retirement in 2015, I never intended to close my workshop down, but to move on to new areas of interest, spending time on projects away from tool making. After a lifetime spent as a tool maker this has proved more difficult than I had anticipated, and as I look over my past work my thoughts are still buzzing with potential improvements.

The last year has proved a useful cupboard clearing exercise and you can find the last of my classic planes offered for sale on the stock page. Once these have gone there will be no more of my infill designs available.

My ideas for 'the next Holtey plane' have now nagged me to the extent that I am announcing a new project - a Smoother, the most versatile and popular of all the tools I have made in the past. The new plane has no name yet - you will need to follow my blog for regular updates on the process and progress of design and manufacture.

With this new design I intend to keep it simple, clean and classic, and without an adjuster! It would appear there is a cult following for this style of plane. Omitting the adjuster brings several advantages, firstly by allowing me the space to design comfortable handles in a plane less than 8 inches long. Secondly adjusters are time consuming to build and account for a large part of my costs, so I should be able to offer this new plane for a significantly lower price than my other 98 series designs.