Contemporary design combining precision engineering with traditional hand craft.

No.983 and No.98 Planes.

No.983 Planes.

Though I announced my retirement some time ago I still seem to be beavering around finishing off items that have been in the cupboards for some time.

I had been hoping to spend more time on other projects, including a couple of planes that I had always wanted to make. These are not production items and you will have to look out for them on the website/blog as I progress.

I plan to keep my website open for archival purposes, also to sell off the remaining planes. For ease of my use I will also list these on my blog page with prices.

At the moment I have 2 x No. 983 planes for sale at £6,200 (+ VAT if applicable).

No.983 Planes.

I am currently finishing some of my fabled No 98 stainless steel smoother planes, which were the first of its type. This design spawned similar planes from both amateurs and some large manufacturers.

The price is £5,650 (+ vat if applicable)

Please remember that I am no longer making batches of planes only finishing off from stock parts, so when they are gone they are gone.

currently available

In addition to those mentioned above the following planes are currently available.

T21 Panel.

T21 Panel Plane.

Two of these T21 Panel Planes left.

Dimensions are 19 7/8" long, 3 5/16" wide with a 2 3/8" blade.

Price is £3950 (+ V.A.T. and shipping if applicable).


A31 Thumb Plane.

Three of these A31 Thumb Planes left.

Price is £4450 (+ V.A.T. and shipping if applicable).